Victor Landweber

Photography by Victor Landweber

"A viewer regarding these photographs would himself be regarded by dispassionate camera eyes."Photograph by Victor Landweber

What first appealed to Victor Landweber about photographing cameras was the idea of using an image of a camera as the camera's image.

He chose American box camera of the 1940's and 50's believing that their style and glib packaging represent the panache and promotions of mid-century American commerce. These cameras, capable of only the simplest modes of operation, were like many American goods of the era designed more to be sold than to be used.

The chromes and blacks of the camera exteriors are made dramatic by cibachrome metallic highlights and intense glossy black. Wanting to separate the cameras from their black backgrounds, Landweber developed a photographic process to rim the cameras with light, thereby transforming the images of these simple cameras into the glowing, heroic subjects of his photographs.

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