Gail Kaplan

Photography by Gail Kaplan

"There has always been a singular thread running through my images. The fantasy of place whether it is a found architectural site or one that has been created for the photograph."Photograph by Gail Kaplan

Gail Kaplan's photographic settings range from the Lake Michigan shoreline to Antarctica. Each image taken with either a Roliflex or Mayima 6, 2 1/4 format camera. Chromogenic prints, enhanced by coloring and drawing on the negative. With hand-tint done on some of the actual prints too.

Branching out from the fantasy of place in Kaplan's work is the fantasy of story the narrative one recognizes but never quite completes. Dream Landscape imagery originating in moments of idle thought, allegorical connections, non sequitur visions and random flashbacks to previous times. Not in the dreams of sound sleepers.


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