Dar Spain

Photography by Dar Spain

"As the warmth of a shadow or the glow of a highlight works together within the image, the work evolves and I am free to explore color without ties to literal representation."Photograph by Dar Spain

Dar Spain always begins with black-and-white photographic prints, but they are only a canvas or rather an unfinished surface waiting to come to life. Photo oil colors, oil paint and colored pencil may all be employed to bring out subtle intricacies or to create bold color contrasts to delight the viewers eye.

Sources for creative exploration are found in the grand and the minute. The linear pattern of grass against a smooth stone may reveal striking designs from their diminutive forms, while, the aged texture of a weathered building may inspire close inspection of the tiny details present in vast structures.

There is more information at www.susanspiritusgallery.com/artists/images/dspain/.


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