Wendy Seller

Paintings by Wendy Seller

Painting by Wendy Seller. "Garden House", oil on canvas, 34"H x 18"W,  2003.Wendy Seller is a neo-surrealist painter always in search of a new visual language through the use of pictorial image, color, and a never-ending experimentation with paint.  Atypical compositions intrigue her.  The images she selects often cohabit with unexpected subjects, places or scenarios.  Her paintings are reinterpretations of life as she sees it, often inspired by current events, social commentary or personal interactions.  At times they are absurd or offer a touch of wit.  They are always seen through the filter of her own visual iconography.

Wendy Seller is Adjunct Faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design and Assistant Professor at Simmons College.  Solo shows include the Lenore Gray Gallery in Providence, RI; Belenky Gallery in NYC, De Ville Galleries in Los Angeles; Pepper Gallery in Boston; and Virginia Lynch Gallery in Tiverton, RI.  Museum exhibitions include the DeCordova Museum, Fuller Art Museum, RISD Museum, Attleboro Museum, and the Norman Rockwell Museum.


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