Van Bankston

Paintings by Van Bankston

"Being that I paint to express the body, mind and soul, my paintings are a personal statement that I hope might have an uplifting, healing influence on others."Painting by Van Bankston

Born and raised in rural Mississippi, Van Bankston left for New York City and prospered as a professional in the design industry. When he decided to return to his childhood love of painting, he moved back to Mississippi where his isolated Southern home could provide a nurturing environment conducive to the expression of his creative voice.

Bankston's clean minimalist abstract paintings are soothingly calm and quietly meditative. Believing that what is absent is often what is most important, he focuses on simple compositions of line, form and color, editing and refining until his original vision is satisfactorily transferred to canvas.

Van Alan Bankston
Post Office Box 529
Carrollton, MS 38917

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