Peggy Flora Zalucha

Paintings by Peggy Flora Zalucha

These paintings display beauty in simplicity, objects draped in warm, rich light, shimmering with the elegance of reflected light, disclosing the vibrant colors hidden in the mundane.

Refusing to concede to watercolor as a medium of light wash and pastel tones, Peggy Zalucha has pushed her paints to create rich depth, vibrant colors and striking hues.

A product of the 1960s, and heavily inspired by the photo-realism of Estes, Close and Cottingham, Zalucha chose watercolor as her medium because it allows more expression and emotion in her representational work. As for subject matter, there is nothing too ordinary or pedestrian. Quite the contrary, the overlooked and the commonplace are celebrated by Zalucha in her dynamic compositions.

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