Norm Magnusson

Paintings by Norm Magnusson

"I am following the guidelines I set for myself when I first started making art: create something that's intellectually engaging without being intellectually elitist."

Norm Magnusson's paintings are allegorical. They build narratives through the stylistic depictions of animals--hooded falcons, tagged cows, and caged pigs in paradoxical situations. He likes to put in "clues," to allow us to decipher his works on our own.

He hopes that each piece, standing alone, will invite interpretation. Beyond that, his goal is to create paintings that are as fun and aesthetically pleasing as they are metaphorical.

He builds custom frames for each piece using materials salvaged from an antique barn in upstate New York. The frames become a part of the finished work, echoing the painted images on each canvas.

92 horatio st. #1a
New York, NY 10014
Phone Number: 212-691-6441
Norm's email address is .


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