Lorna Ritz

Paintings by Lorna Ritz

"As I'm mixing paint, I'm seeing color harmonies. The act of putting color up on linen forces colors to react to each other in a way I never could have seen."Painting by Lorna Ritz

"Each of my paintings represents a crystallized chunk of formal experience, as well as being very personal at the same time. My paintings are earthy, rock-like and weighty, and yet they have in them the rhythm of the sea. The painting appears to be fast, but requires sustained attention. Paint is placed and scraped until, through repetition, there is a sense of history alive with a will of its own. This is something that has occurred naturally, over time, as though the painting was a wall of an ancient city, beaten by a rain and wind and sun."

There is more information about Lorna at www.trendmag.com/Bios/ritzlj.htm.


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