Kelli Hoppmann

Paintings by Kelli Hoppmann

My process for creating a piece of art begins with an outside stimulus that triggers an association with a myth, an allegory, a universal truth.

In Kelli Hoppmanns paintings of allegories and icons, only the faintest suggestion of meaning is likely to emerge. Vibrant colors, intricate patterns and elusive figures demand the viewers rapt attention, holding their focus on images that deny a sensible narrative and inspire the imagination of the observer.

The ideas for these compelling paintings begin in the mind of the artist and are first committed to paper in the form of drawings and photographs. Once the composition is finalized, oil paints are applied to the chosen surface in four distinct layers to allow for remarkably rich tones and striking details. Providing a delight for the eye and a challenge for the mind, the finished painting is a luminous fantasy with hints of social commentary and a satiric smile.

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