Kathleen Gray Schallock

Paintings by Kathleen Gray Schallock

"My truest and strongest voice is in my artwork - the pursuit of beauty. An affirmation of life."

A plein air painter, Kathleen Schallock works amid the natural elements to better see, feel and experience the landscape. Her paintings are a subtle duet between land and artist that simply cannot be duplicated in the studio.

Schallock works on pastel papers, lightly applying color "washes" with her pastels. Some of her most recent images depict the solid bodies of percherons, a French breed of working horse made famous in paint by the 19th-century artist Rosa Bonheur.

1063 Village Way,
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501,
WorkPhone: 505.424.3317, FAX: 505.424.6315,
Her email is .



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