Julia Nee Chu

Paintings by Julia Nee Chu

"One cannot copy nature, but through the process of painting one can experience the transformation of nature."

Julia Nee Chu drops acrylic paint on the surface of paper or canvas to explore the interplay of space, pattern, structure, and movement in nature. As a Chinese-American, the artistic purity of calligraphy strongly influences her work. The prominence of the brushstroke in her paintings is evidence of this influence.

For Chu, each mark her brush leaves on the surface of the paper is a moment recorded in time. The act, then, becomes sacred: since time spent cannot be returned, no mark can be erased. Layering paint on canvas, stroke upon stroke, she builds up the density of time. By the end, she creates a new dialect, oriented between the conscious and unconscious mind, between herself and the world.

There is more information at library.ust.hk/info/exhibit/liu-chu/intro-chu-eng.html.


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