Judith Carducci

Paintings by Judith Carducci

"My paintings are bold because this is not a wimpy world. They are not meant to preach, teach a social message, or promote a cause, but to express a reverence for life and this beautiful world."

pastel are Judith Carducci's medium of choice because of their richness and depth of color, immediacy, and permanence. Whether the work is a portrait, still life, or plein air, pastels allow the moment and the light to be swiftly captured.

Carducci has painted in Central Asia, Mexico, Italy, and Antarctica, in hotel lobbies, on the streets of New York City, in church, lectures, concerts, restaurants anywhere inspiration finds her. She carries art supplies everywhere so she won't miss unexpected surprises like filtered sunlight bathing a bowl of eggs, or the glorious gold of a sleek yellow tomato.

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