Gloria Ortiz Hernandez

Paintings by Gloria Ortiz Hernandez

"I have always felt that the human figure is the most perfect vehicle for expression."

Gloria Ortiz-Hernandez assembles two separate components in the creation of each piece: a wooden, hand-carved, three-dimensional figure set in a centered, recessed space, and a painting, always square and small in size. She uses a variety of media in her carvings gold and silver leaf, lead, wood, paper, wire. Her paintings are also done in a mix of media acrylic paint, pastel, colored pencils, charcoal.

In her work, Ortiz-Hernandez doesn't want to be specifically associated with any ethnic group or geographical location. By distancing herself from the limitations of person and place, Ortiz-Hernandez is able to create artistic figures that become universal every man, every woman.


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