Gilbert Riou

Paintings by Gilbert Riou

"The focus is on the play of light and color as it reflects off the objects and the way shadows participate in the creations of patterns."

Fusing realism with abstract design while still evoking a sense of mystery is no easy task. It is this challenge, though, that regularly inspires the creation of Gilbert Riou's highly detailed abstract-realist paintings.

Applying turpentine wash directly to the canvas is Rious first step towards a finished work. Only after fully developing the idea with these washes does Riou build a still life model to work from. Masses of light and shade are subsequently established with thin layers of paint applied freely as if the artist were creating a "controlled accident." The final lines and planes on the canvas create a shifting, colliding composition that transforms before our eyes into recognizable arrangements of bottles, drapery, ceramics and more.

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