Gerry O. Wyche

Paintings by Gerry O. Wyche

"I use circles or spheres a lot in my paintings. This is the most repeated shape in nature and a symbol of God since ancient times. It symbolizes perfection and wholeness."

Gerry Wyche's work avoids the inclination of modern artists to express alienation and estrangement. Instead, balance and harmony are the guideposts of his artwork, fusing conscious and subconscious images into a pleasing, dreamlike whole a kind of spiritual surrealism.

Light and bright colors play a key role in Wyche's work. Though he currently lives in northern Virginia, fond memories of Hawaii, the Caribbean and other tropical locales continuously inspire his pieces. He likes to use acrylics, with lots of glazing over colors to achieve luminous values taking familiar scenes and imbuing them with a deeper mystique.


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