Elizabeth Whiteley

Paintings by Elizabeth Whiteley

"Aesthetically, I believe that art connects the non-material and the material worlds. Art links the unseen to the seen; it moves the unfelt to the felt."

The subject of Elizabeth Whiteley's paintings and drawings is mathematics. She explores the areas and ratios of square root rectangles for their geometric and aesthetic properties. Beginning with the radicals of the numbers two, three, and five, she applies the principles of dynamic symmetry to delineate a formal system of composition.

From there, she uses a two-dimensional transformative process of her own design, creating with four generative series of images she describes as decompositions, shapes, icons, and super icons. Her fascination with geometric images in series results in a visual evolution with pace and pattern.

Elizabeth's website is at http://home.mindspring.com/~ewhiteley/.

Her studio is located in Washington, DC.

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