Dino Paravano

Paintings by Dino Paravano

"I am inspired by nature in its entirety. Every aspect of it is a potential painting."

Born and raised in Italy, Dino Paravano immigrated with his family to South Africa, where he lived for forty-four years. In 1992, he immigrated again, this time with his wife to Tucson, Arizona. With the Catalina Mountains looming over his work and the Sonoran Desert echoing sunlight, his studio offers a picturesque station for his reflection on light and the natural world.

The time Paravano devotes to each of his paintings depends largely on the duration of his travels. Painting leads him across the globe, to Africa, Europe and Asia. All travels in search of wildlife, to be captured in oil and pastel.

Dino has a website at home.att.net/~dinoparavano/.


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