Dawn Arrowsmith

Paintings by Dawn Arrowsmith

"I'm inspired by the spices and fragrant soups and curries that I cook and consume."

Dawn Arrowsmith paints with pastry brushes and Asian toothpicks using the small sticks to create a meditative field of fine, spice-like marks on the canvas. She applies no more than a tablespoon of acrylic paint spread out among thousands of dots to a natural canvas to which she has applied a color wash. The canvas also has flecks within the woven surface, which she uses as a kind of drawing to follow as she covers the surface with tiny paint marks.

Arrowsmith's glowing and quietly dissolving works are derived from investigations of ayurvedic cooking, longevity, meditation, nature and light. The particles float and interact in fields of light, playing between the mundane and transcendent.


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