Dan D'Amico

Paintings by Dan D'Amico

"I believe that one of the most important functions of an artist is to share the beauty of the world. If I can encourage people to appreciate the play of light on dry autumn grasses, or the texture of an old log fence or lichen-covered rock, I feel I may have touched their souls."Dan D'Amico's interest in art began at an early age. After seeing their son spend hour upon hour drawing horses, rabbits, and raccoons, his parents invested in a chalkboard in an effort to conserve paper.

Over the years D'Amico has evolved a style that portrays his subject accurately and naturally, communicating his emotional intuition. Mood is easily the most expressive element in his paintings, the result of his concerted effort to orchestrate all of the pictorial elements of lighting, color, composition, and contrast.

There is more information about Dan at www.snowgoosegallery.com/allartists.htm.


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