Craig Keith Antrim

Paintings by Craig Keith Antrim

"Images emanate from the same place as the dream. The place of the dream is that authentic part of our being that comes unbidden, laden with passion, wisdom and the terror of our species."

The ancient symbols circle, spiral, cross, rood gouged or raised on the surface of Craig Antrims multi-media abstract paintings reflect a deeply felt connection to the spiritual and the mystical. Cave art, theory and reflections on the unconscious drive this connection, inspiring the artists pursuit of images, which draw viewers so deeply within themselves that they become unaware of their immediate surroundings.

Wax and paint layered with broad gestures becomes a heavy, thick viscous impasto that is scraped and scratched with the rigid wooden handle of the paintbrush. Primal and palpably linked to the art of our ancestors, Antrims paintings demand focus as they speak through their physical presence.

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