Bruce Klein

Paintings by Bruce Klein

"I aim at strong paintings. Paintings with an honesty of effort, a pushing of limits, where something mysterious and alive enters the work."

A plein air painter, Bruce Klein has been known to tie himself up in a tree where he will sit and draw for hours mesmerized by light, color and the shadows that stretch further and further across the land as day is overtaken by night. His pictures benefit from this passion that permeates the paintings' surfaces in a thick and translucent impasto.

By pushing every limit Klein works to create an honest, mysterious and living painting. He uncovers long-buried truths in his boldly colored landscapes, working to reveal not only the sights, but also smell, taste, and touch. This devotion to engaging all the senses yields landscapes made palpable even as the viewer observes them from the safe confines of a gallery or home.


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