Karin Swildens

"I feel the urge of a sculpture as a bubble in my belly, similar to the first stirring of a new life within."

Karin Swildens sculptureKarin Swildens first began sculpting as a way to see and touch the "other side" of her paintings. Clay lent itself well to this spontaneous journey, and the result a three-dimensional piece that you can touch and handle gives the playful, tactile experience which is lacking in purely visual, two-dimensional works of art.

Swildens draws inspiration from symbols and mythology in her pursuit to create aesthetic objects that both delight and provoke the senses. Each sculpture expresses an impulse, and once that impulse reaches its viewer, she gladly leaves any interpretations to the eye of the beholder.

Karin has a website at www.karinswildens.com.
For more information please call or fax the artist: (310)441-0126.


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