Susanne Stephenson

"The images I deal with are fragmented and abstract. Recent trips through Guatemalan and Chinese mountains and water gorges provided a new awareness of how water rushes over rocks. I am interested in recording the mood or visual energy in nature at a particular time."

Susanne Stephenson ceramicsSusanne Stephenson applies thick, wet, colored slip and vitreous engobes to the stiffened clay surface with her hands. Followed up by sponges, homemade brushes, and brooms that she has acquired in her travels.

Prior to that, each piece is formed by joining wheel-thrown elements with coils, flat slabs, and extruded shapes. The slabs are made on a slab roller, the shapes by forcing clay through a die in an extruder.

The end result of these processes? Sculptures whose surface movement echoes the physical gesture of creation.

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