Kaete Brittin Shaw

"The idea of contrast has become more significant as I work with both sides of a vessel and consider the concept of the oppositional forces of light and darkness."

Kaete Shaw's teapots and vases appear two-dimensional. In fact, they do exist in three dimensions--made of two halves joined together, each shape's silhouette enhanced at the seams. Each of these vessels is dried very slowly--over six to eight weeks--to prevent separation of the two parts.

This artwork focuses on energy and relationships. Spiral vessels deal with the archetypal energy source of the spiral, from which energy flows. Her paired vessels are concerned with energy fields between individuals and the collective idea of relationship--as if her vessels are a troupe of dancers, forming art in the spaces between.

Contact Kaete at:
P.O. Box 388
High Falls, NY 12440


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