Posey Bacopoulos

"It is my intention to create pots that enter peoples everyday lives in a direct and intimate way. My hope is that my pots invite use and my pleasure in making them is shared by those who use them."Posey Bacopoulos ceramics

Posey Bacopoulos' pots are made with majolica on terra cotta. (Majolica is a glazing tradition that began in the Middle East with a tin-opacifier, viscosity glaze.)

She throw, alters, hand-built, and assembles the terracotta vessels. And then applies the majolica glaze smooth, white, and opaque. The colorants are applied in a thin wash to the glazed surface to create the lively decoration. When the pots are firing, the glazed surface maintains the line quality and color of the decoration. Throughout this process, Bacopoulos strives for lively expression of line, pattern, and color.


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