Nancee Meeker

"A chunk of the earth, plus the added aspect of alchemy that change from clay or primordial ooze into something of substance and form along with the fear and magic of fire is what brought me to clay."

Nancee Meeker potteryNancee Meeker is no longer creating pots. That period of her life has ended, but these last markers of her work remain.

The vessels were throw on a wheel, and incising at the leather-hard stage. When thoroughly dry, they were painted with several coats of terra sigillataspecial refined slip made from clays Nancee dug from Maui (Hawaii) to The Bay of Fundy (Canada), from Rhinebeck (New York) to Kiziloren (Turkey). She then burnish the surface with a smooth stone.

Then, surrounded by sawdust from exotic hardwoods, Nancee left the pots to smolder for at least two days in a pitfire kiln, where magic and fire led to creations of form and substance.

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