Jan Schachter

Plum Tree Pottery

"I'm a perfectionist (as much as the process allows) and am constantly in search of the perfect surface and ideal form, while striving to create pots that have life and vitality."

Jan Schachter potteryJan Schachter works in a series, spending a day making vessels of one form (such as a casserole) in a variety of sizes and shapes. After 3-4 weeks she has enough work to fill her gas kiln. She finishes her pots with glazes she's made herself. It takes her a week to glaze an entire kiln load.

Schachter spends time outside of the studio, too, making "folk pot pilgrimages" to Turkey, Laos, Guatemala, Zambia, and other faraway places that provide her with ideas, stories, and pots for her own collection. Bringing her closer to that ideal form with the perfect surface.

There is lots of information about Jan at www.silverhawk.com/crafts/schachter/welcome.html.


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