Gail McCarthy

Gail McCarthy Studio

"The flash of the peacock's tail, the rainbow glitter of the dragonfly's wing, and the bejeweled glow of crushed pearls--my lusterware ceramic vessels and tile paintings present a magic dialogue with light, as do these shimmering aspects of the natural world."

GailMcCarthy ceramicsTo accomplish her rare colors, Gail McCarthy's luster vessels combine ancient Persian alchemy, almost lost to the modern world, with contemporary ceramic techniques. Her clay forms are spun on the wheel and sheathed with blazing-hot copper reds, molten golds, flashing ocean-blues and liquid silver that she imprisons within satin-smooth and crusted lava surfaces.

The forms evolve over many months of repeated resurfacing and refining to coax the eye of the sun into their luminous depths. At last, they emerge from the purifying fire, a uniquely luminous, ever-changing occult mystery of brilliant hue with thrilling intensity.

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