Elyse Saperstein

Elyse Saperstein Ceramics

"I select recognizable symbols and abstract objects as signifiers for my narratives. The result is a layering of form and content in which the narrative can be recognized Elyse Saperstein ceramics literally and felt intuitively."

To her studio in Philadelphia, Elyse Saperstein brings ideas and inspiration from China, Peru, Spain, Europe all the places she's visited to gather history and note how objects of art and architecture are such an integral part of society.

Her pieces are hand-built, primarily with slabs. She frequently carves surfaces to accentuate form. The slips and glazes she chooses are usually matte, absorbing light and therefore allowing the forms to be seen more clearly.

Saperstein is also drawn to the energy and directness of presentation in American Folk Art and strives toward this sort of direct communication in her own work.

P.O. Box 11238
Elkins Park, PA 19027
Work Phone: 215.482.6940
Elyse's email is .


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