Dina Angel-Wing

"My interest with teapots comes from a fascination with tea as a social ritual in both Western and Eastern cultures. I also love the teapot as a conceptual form for its functional Dina Wing teapot and purely sculptural possibilities."

Dynamically balancing teapot bodies with spouts, lids, and handles is one of Dina Angel-Wing's main creative challenges. She's been using black bamboo for handle treatments because it complements the gray, crackle raku surface so well. Recently she began experimenting with sterling silver for spouts and handles, giving her teapots a clean, stylized look.

She's spent the past year expanding in the direction of whimsical teapots that are visual and verbal puns. The possibilities seem endless, and her love affair with teapots promises to become a lifelong commitment.

Dina's website is at www.dinaangelwing.com.

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