Jewelry Designers

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Akiyo Matsuoka Sculptured, dimensional, delicately rendered yet possessing an active spirit - these all describe the delightful designs that spring from the multi-talented mind of Akiyo Matsuoka. Centered on a "symbol" of purity, the cultured Akoya pearl, her pieces are indeed reminiscent of an elegant and simpler life.

Alishan Halebian Alishan Halebian started his jewelry career in 1970 and soon thereafter, private clients recognized his artistic talent. He started his design career at the College of Ceramic Art in Armenia and continued his studies in art and drawing in California. Over the years, the California-based designer has won numerous prestigious competition awards, including two awards from the International Pearl Competition in Japan, several awards from American Gem Trade Association, as well as awards from the American Pearl Company and Platinum Guild International.

Allison Stern After spending several years in Italy, first with the celebrated Rhode Island School of Design program in Rome and later with Syracuse Universitys art studies curriculum in Florence, Allison Stern returned to complete her degree in design at UCLA. After a years internship with renowned architect Frank Gehry and filled with inspiration, she opened her own design studio in 1986 and set about creating her signature lines of jewelry and accessories.

Bikakis & Johns Greek-born Myron Bikakis was heavily influenced by the arts of ancient Greece and Rome. And with an archaeologist for a mother, he was destined to become quite familiar with the arts of the ancient cultures. Continuing his studies in the United States, he found that many classical techniques were still practiced today, although the results bore little resemblance to the elegant creations worn by Greek and Roman noblewomen.

Boucher When designer Laura Mady teamed with photographer Ken Cox to create Boucher, their goal was to create simple, yet well-designed pieces for both the everyday and the special occasion.

Carol Ackerman Before starting her own jewelry design business, Carol Ackerman studied geology at Queens University and then received her Graduate Jeweler Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, Calif. Since then, Carol has been working as a designer developing her own fine jewelry collection.

Catherine Iskiw Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Catherine Iskiw graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in interior design. For ten years, she designed corporate interiors before turning to jewelry design as a more personal means of expression. This led her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she now maintains her studio.

Chris Correia Her collections are known for their elegance. Her signature design elements present the brilliance of diamonds in a new and inspired light. She achieves a freshness of style not usually encountered in such emblems of convention as bridal sets. A Chris Correia design feels like an heirloom, but its bold appearance makes it now.

Colormasters Since 1980, Colormasters has built a reputation as a world-renowned purveyor of exceptional colored gemstones and diamonds. Using some of the finest precious gemstones available in the world today, Colormasters has created classically designed rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets that showcase their spectacular color.

Conni Mainne knew from junior high that she wanted to do something in the arts. Now a master of the art of jewelry making, she is quick to acknowledge the help received along the way. In particular, she credits her high school teacher and successful jewelry artist for inspiring her. She also credits the College of Marin for many of the skills she uses every day. And Conni credits the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco for her remarkable skills at stone setting, where she learned to hammer-set opals (one of her favorite stones) without turning them into raw materials for a child's sandbox.

Cornelis Hollander Cornelis Hollanders passion for design and sculpture is evident in the graceful, yet energetic, forms of his signature work. Mixing elements of yellow and white gold, high quality gemstones, design innovation and a contemporary sense of style, his collections are distinctively dynamic. His use of hard-edged geometric shapes set in eloquent counterpoint to fluid forms result in highly attractive, trendsetting collections.

De Beers Millennium De Beers, the most renowned diamond company in the world, has designed a Limited Edition diamond to honor the millennium.

Diamonds Things to know about diamonds.

Diana Vincent Beginning her career in the jewelry trade by attending the highly respected Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Diana Vincent received her degree in metalsmithing and jewelry design. Designing since 1980, Diana quickly established herself as one of the countrys premier fine jewelry creators.

dk FINDS Deanna Kay, DK, set out to create jewelry that amuses and satisfies both the wearer and the beholder.

Earring Company The Earring Company by Kevin Flanagan is preserving the ancient tradition of fine craftsmanship and exquisite design first introduced to Italy by the mysterious Etruscan civilization, vanished over two millennia ago. Today, the delicate skills and exacting art is practiced and perpetuated by their most likely ancestors and heirs, the goldsmiths and jewelers of the hills and valleys of Northern Italy.

Ella Gafter Born in Poland, Ella Gafter began her career in jewelry design in Rome over 20 years ago. Today, she spends half of each year in New York and the other half in Italy, monitoring her workshops in Naples or traveling the world to search out the select stones she needs for her exquisite creations. 

Gabrielle Sanchez Her distinctive way with Biwa pearls has caught the editorial eye of the fashion press and her jewelry has been featured on the covers of Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and Modern Bride. And some of the most visible women in the world including Candice Bergen, Brooke Shields, Kim Basinger, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon and Kathleen Turner have worn her designs.

Hilary Beane Widely regarded as a unique and innovative jewelry artist since 1983, her initial designs were crafted of glass stone inlays with brass ornamentation and papier maché settings. Moving on to the creation of her own silver castings and inventive stone cutting, she eventually developed her own resins that mimicked the peculiar light refraction of antique glass. By 1990, she found herself drawn back to working with papier maché, but with a significant difference. She was now inlaying pearls and precious stones.

Hiroko Born in Japan, Hiroko began her career as a designer of fine jewelry only after earning her law degree at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. Having studied jewelry art as a hobby, she dedicated herself to her newfound calling after receiving an award in the International Japan Jewelry Art Exhibition. Given her earlier academic discipline, it would not be all that surprising if her sense of design leaned towards the pragmatic. But most of the time it doesnt.