Ted Wallace

Ted Wallace is a transformative artist whose paintings examine the ethereal or unseen side of life passages. Ted is an intuitive artist who works from inner vision. He is discovering his own language of symbols while exploring aspects of everyday life.

"I am excited to be in the phase of my life where I get to spend more and more time in my studio. Our children are growing up, Janet is growing her weaving business, the house is almost finished and I'm teaching only 2 days a week. I am fortunate to be able to spend time painting my thoughts, my discoveries and my stories. This is a completely enriching experience where I intensely feel a full range of emotions. I follow my fascinations; internal connections are made and ideas explored. It is good to work with the continual rewards of exhilaration and a feeling of being deeply human. I offer these works as a part of my process; nothing more, nothing less." -Ted Wallace


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