Steven Brown

Steven Brown was born in Coleraine, Ireland, in1963, where he now lives and works as an artist and illustrator. Painting and drawing from an early age; he studied art to 'A' level in which he received a grade 'A'.  Steven Brown then went on to work as a graphic artist straight from college for ten years, where his work included book, magazine and CD cover design. Steven Brown continued to paint and draw in his spare time until he decided to return to his first love, and became a freelance artist and illustrator in 1989. Since then he has designed many covers and illustrated books on Irish folklore and mythology, (a subject for which he has a passion) and illustrated numerous short stories for well known publications.

Mainly a figurative painter, Steven Brown attributes much of his inspiration to late Victorian painters such as the 'Pre-Raphaelites' and the book illustrators of that period, working mainly in pastel, pen and ink, watercolour and acrylic.

He has exhibited mainly in local exhibitions, with two solo exhibitions at Flowerfield and the Riverside theatre, and one in La Roch Sur Yon. His work has been highly praised by the singer 'Kate Bush' for whom he has executed many imaginative paintings and designs, inspired by her music.

Art has played an integral part in Steven's life and will continue to do so.



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