Roslyn Mazzilli

Roslyn Mazzilli creates contemporary abstract metal sculpture, fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel or bronze. The surface treatments of the work are done with tough industrial coatings of vivid colors, or brushed and burnished finishes. The scale of Mazzilli's sculptures range from outdoor monumental, to life size or more intimate scales.

Roslyn Mazzilli also creates work to be installed on walls, suspended in atriums and fountain sculptures. Many of her artworks have been commissioned for public and corporate sites, as well as numerous private collections.

Biography of Roslyn Mazzilli

Roslyn Mazzilli was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to California in 1973. She studied art at San Jose State University and recieved a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Sculpture in 1981.

Mazzilli has kept a studio in San Francisco for 10 years and is currently working and living twenty miles to the south on the scenic Pacific coast, in Moss Beach, California, in a turn-of- the-century former grocery store and house. She creates most of her sculptures from design to fabrication in-house with a staff of assistants to help her.

In 1982, Roslyn Mazzilli created a proposal for a large scale site-specific-sculpture "Spectra" to be placed in a pond at Mills college, it was accepted in an outdoor sculpture show included in the prestigious 12th International SculptureConference held in Oakland, California. Mazzilli has been among California's most successful woman sculptors who produce public art. At the forefront of the painted metal movement, her work has been desribed as being composed of elegant and formal abstractions of images in nature, that are graceful and musuclar, and poised yet kinetic.

Among her highly acclaimed public commissions is "There", a monumental sculpture installed in Oakland City Center, in downtown Oakland, which answered the addage from the late poet and ex-Oaklander, Gertrude Stein, who wrote about Oakland after returning years later "there is no there there". This work contributed a major focal point for civic pride and community awareness for the ongoing downtown revitalization.

Mazzilli has placed sculpture throughout the United States. She has an almost twenty year track-record in working with developers, architects, engineers, and community organizations in helping to bring about successful solutions to each unique site that she is called upon to work with. Her sculptures are sensitive to, and inspired by, the sites and the community that they are placed in. She welcomes the commission process, and can supply upon request, references from former commissioning parties.

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