Jonathan Sobol

Taos-based and Arizona-born Jonathan Sobol grew up and began his art career in Israel, with study and exhibitions throughout Europe.

From his successful beginnings as a traditional portrait and landscape painter, Sobol has grown into a dedicated, confident painter who knows how to let a little line and color tell a lot of story. His distinctive style and personal color sense pull the viewer into his world. He paints not just the human form, but human emotions, using color as the carrier of emotion. His paintings create an oasis in time where the mind can rest and play.

Jonathan Sobol is a resident of the internationally known Santa Fe-Taos artist community. While he was born and raised in the Southwest, he is equally influenced by his travels abroad. Jonathan studied at the Art Academy of Jerusalem, Betzalel, and later studied privately in New York. His work currently hangs in six museums and public collections, has been the subject of innumerable exhibitions all across the U.S. and is collected privately by a large number of people.

Museum & Public Collections:

Old Jail House Museum, Albany TX.
Square House Museum, Panhandle, TX.
The Fire House Collection, Taos, NM.
The Linberry Museum. Taos, NM.
The Holy Cross Hospital Art Collection, Taos, NM.
James M. Good Portrait Collection, Washington, DC



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