Elizabeth Hack

"My work consists of inner landscapes. Adding paint and ink to the canvas or paper, I feel the fire or the sea -- or perhaps a green meadow. Excavating through the composition, my paintings express energy and spirit. Process reigns with each stroke as my brush is engulfed by a territory within. Outlining the color with black ink, I continue to go deeper. Finally a painting emerges -- faith that the journey is now complete -- the elements merge into one."

Experience the Wave Series paintings of artist Elizabeth Hack. Intriguing inner landscapes where process reigns. Her paintings express energy and spirit.

The paintings of award-winning artist Elizabeth Hack have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at galleries throughout California, including the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara; the University of California in Berkeley at the ASUC Studio and the Heller Gallery; the Commonwealth Club Gallery in San Francisco; the Hayward Arts Council Gallery in Hayward; Gloria Delson Fine Art; the Soolip Gallery in West Hollywood; the Berkeley Art Center Gallery in Berkeley; Carol Dabb Fine Art; the Ashkenazy Gallery in Los Angeles; and the Orlando Gallery in Sherman Oaks.




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