Elizabeth M. Guenthner

Elizabeth "Liz" M. Guenthner

Born and raised: Austin, TX (1973)

Education: Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) in Studio Art, University of Texas at Austin, 1997

Media: Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Paint, Ink, Colored Pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Intaglio, Engraving, and Photography

Hobbies: Running, swimming, biking, hiking, any sport with a ball, photography, ART

I am to my art as it is to me, a constantly changing process.

With a strong fear of the spotlight, my comfort lies in sharing myself with others indirectly, through my art. If I stand next to a piece and watch as someone learns what the various symbols and imagery mean, I can help them understand who I am, without having to directly talk about myself.  In addition, I'm beginning to develop my voice' and express freely thoughts and feelings that have, in the past, been difficult to articulate. My art is my journey, where questions are answered, and even more are asked.

For myself, and for others, to know my art is to know me.  - Elizabeth M. Guenthner

Elizabeth has a fine website at http://www.elizabethguenthner.com/



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