Darryl Daniels

Born in Selma, Alabama in 1963, Darryl Daniels knew that being an artist was his destiny from an early age. In grade school, he drew on everything he could find and sculpted figures from the rich red clay in his grandparents' backyard. He lived in Bronx, New York for much his youth, intently focused on developing his talent through formal and independent study

He studied fine art at the University of Charleston in West Virginia, where he found his talents in demand on such varied projects as illustrating the basketball teams' game programs, to designing materials for  school events, to redesigning the school newspaper.

Along with these experiences, Daniels was inspired to move forward in his art career by an art professor who told him that he already had the skills to be a great artist. With such faith and and his own perseverance, he began a career as an artist, illustrator and designer, which has led him in many satisfying directions.

His work has received recognition and awards from the Southern Arts Federation and Print Magazine. His clients have included numerous companies from Prentice Hall, for whom he illustrated a book on the history of jazz (Jazz Styles by Mark Gridley), to Absolut Vodka, for which he created a line of  neckties and scarves.

Additionally, his work has appeared in the pages of many  publications, such as Rapport, Jazziz and Jazztimes Magazines, on a interior design CD-ROM (Imagine Your Interior from Visual Applications Software), and graced the cover packages of numerous music recordings, including Chick Corea's "Live In Montreux." Television appearances for Daniels' work include "Cosby Mysteries" and a commercial for 1800-COLLECT.

His work has been included in several public exhibitions, and is a part of many private collections in various parts of the world.

Darryl Daniels' website is at www.darryldaniels.com



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