Brian McCarthy

Venetian masks of incandescent gold languish on cool marble, chattering parrots clown about in a riot of colour, and the sun with its godlike face rises above an ancient vista. These are just some of the fascinating images that Irish artist Brian McCarthy portrays in his oil paintings. The enchanted world he creates is often surreal, sometimes humorous, and always sensuously illustrated. You'll find exotic birds and golden masks, classical architecture and intricate mosaics, ingenious trompe l'Sil backgrounds and much more. A small canary stares inquisitively at a hooded falcon and bemused parrots perch in front of a faded travel poster that promises paradise. It is a timeless world full of colour, light and detail.

These paintings are the product of a synthesis where the traditional techniques of the old masters are fused with modern ideas. Since such elaborate work takes time, Brian McCarthy paints only a few canvases each year and it's little wonder that these rare originals are highly sought after by collectors.


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