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Art by Max Scharf

The paintings of Max Scharf bask in the vitality, assertiveness and optimism of the artist. Favoring landscapes done in acrylic, Scharf creates a syncopation of color with his palette. His extended highlights and deepened undertones bring a certain alertness to his subjects.

Born in 1933 and reared in St. Louis, Max Scharf took his youthful interest in painting to Washington Universitys School of Fine Arts where he studied drawing under the tutelage of Charles Quest. Confined to working primarily in black and white, he developed a better focus and discipline in his artistry. Drafted into the Korean War, he was forced to set aside his studies for training as a draftsman/illustrator. Fortunately, Max Scharf was able to use his time in the army to develop his style.

Returning to civilian life, Max Scharf worked as an illustrator for several years. With his characteristic gutsiness, Scharf approached several major corporations in the late sixties with a then unheard of idea, imprinting T-shirts with illustrations and messages.

Max Scharf eventually opened his own company and went on to design and promote several popular lines of jewelry and apparel. His success not only resolved his immediate needs, but provided him with the opportunity to travel, to sketch, and to study collections in museums throughout the world.

 View Of The Seine Near Hotel De Ville by Max Scharf

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