Thomas McKnight

Paintings by Thomas McKnight

The well-known interiors and landscapes of artist Thomas McKnight are quiet studies of exotic retreats. A Passion for travel is reflected in his works. Whether painting the Caribbean, isles off the coast of Greece, the seaside resorts of Puerto Vallarta, or a well-known cityscape, his images hold the promise of peace, solitude and serenity. Thomas McKnight creates worlds that both charm and excite, yet are at once familiar and romantic, inviting the viewer to participate in the scene portrayed, creating a story.

Although he spent some years working for Time magazine, Thomas McKnight has devoted his time exclusively to painting since 1972 and, since 1973, has been given over one hundred one-man shows throughout the United States, as well as in Europe and Japan.

His artwork is included in the Permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as numerous and prominent private, public, corporate and university collections. In addition, four books have been published devoted to his works.

Thomas McKnight and his wife, Renate, who is actively involved in his career, continue to travel extensively to gain inspiration for his painting and currently work in their homes in New York and Palm Beach, Florida.

Thomas McKnight

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