Artists and Guilds

Artist Directory : Guild Directory

There are painters, photographers, sculptors and ceramists in the Artist Directory. The directory will link to individual artist's pages with information about the artist and their work. If available, there is a link to the artist's website and contact information.

There is also a Guild Directory with links to non-profit artist associations. It would be neat if an artist who has just moved to a new area could find an artist's guild in their city, a local group of artists who want to work together and encourage each other. There are associations devoted to promoting and assisting small and home-based art businesses. With the internet and ease of travel, some artists may want to develop relationships with guilds that are national or world encompassing.

There are thousands of websites with information about art, artists and artists' guilds. It is the purpose of this website to make your search enjoyable and informative. If you are an artist, thank you for the beauty and joy that you bring the world.


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